About “It’s No Accident”

At the playground you don’t hear, “Payton pooped in her pants yesterday.” No one posts on Facebook: “My second grader wet the bed again.”

Accidents and bedwetting can be embarrassing and stressful for children and parents alike. Yet doctors routinely assure parents that their child’s wetting episodes are no big deal.

In fact, bedwetting and accidents signal underlying issues that, left untreated, can linger for years. The good news: Potty problems are, most cases, easily explained and readily resolved.

Written for parents, grandparents and anyone involved with schools or summer camps — including teachers, nurses and administrators — It’s No Accident will bring relief to families struggling with toileting problems.

What you may be surprised to learn:

•Potty accidents are not normal
•Virtually all bedwetting is caused by undiagnosed constipation
•Chronically holding poop or pee makes a child’s bladder go haywire
•25 percent of 5-year-olds have wetting problems
•Kids who trained earliest and most easily tend to develop the worst problems
•Children can poop daily and still be constipated
•Wiping from front to back does not prevent UTIs
•School policies and bathroom conditions are making healthy kids sick

COMING OCTOBER 21: Our new children’s book, “ACCIDENTS AND BEDWETTING AREN’T YOUR FAULT: Why Potty Accidents Happen and How to Stop Them.”

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